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Welcome to the homepage of Irish Powerboat Circuit Racing…

We are here to promote, encourage and co-ordinate the sport of Powerboat Circuit Racing in Ireland. Dedicated to supporting non- commercial enthusiast classes where our members enjoy their sport to the full in a sporting, challenging and safe environment.


A Little History 

Ireland and Irishmen has been at the forefront of Powerboat racing from its earliest development, Powerboat racing took place in Waterford in 1894, The ”Harmsworth Trophy” which is seen as the world’s most important Powerboat Racing trophy  held its inaugural race in Cork in 1903, This was followed up in 1927 when the UIM which is the international governing body for Powerboat Racing  had an Irishman as its first secretary general, This was in addition to Ireland being invited to been one of the UIM’s twelve founding Nations. The intervening years since has seen many important international powerboat events which had an Irish influence in them.  We will develop this section of the website into the future.

Philip Haire

Recent Times

In recent times we have seen the sport grow with Irish competitors take to the water in various classes. Our members have raced nationally and internationally in T850, P750, Formula 4, Formula 2, Formula 1,  have attended Historic events and have acted in various official roles at ISA, RYA and UIM Events. Within Ireland we have seen a growth of Powerboat racing clubs, some of which have hosted international events such as the “Cross Border Race for Peace in Sport” which achieved an prestigious Award for the UIM, the ISA and the Irish Powerboat Club. Whilst we have enjoyed these events and our sport, similar to all sports our classes and challenges have sporting rules which are governed internationally by the UIM and nationally by the ISA. Our role as the sports Class Association is to work closely with these governing bodies as well as interested clubs and organisations to ensure the future of the sport.


What’s ahead?

Over the coming months and years, we will be to promoting, encouraging and coordinating the sport of Irish Circuit Powerboat Racing as well as developing some powerboat leisure activities. Although there are many Circuit Racing classes, initially we will be concentrating on some of the existing Irish classes such as T850 and Formula 4 as well as introducing new more modern classes such as Gt15, Gt30 and Formula 4S. In addition we will be organising non-competitive activities such as Rib Runs, Poker Runs, Vintage & Classic Rallies and social get together’s.  So to achieve  this and ensure that we all enjoy our sport for many years to come we need to help it grow to a sustainable level.  Now if you have read this far it shows you are interested in Power-boating why not become a member we can assure you it will be great fun.  If you don’t want to compete, don’t worry like all sports we need as many helpers as possible. We are always looking for rescue boats, divers, time-keepers, photographers, video and general helpers in the pits to set up and take down. Go on give us a call, you won’t regret it.

The Irish Powerboat Circuit Racing Class Association is affiliated to the ISA (Irish Sailing Association), the National Governing Body for Sailing and Motorboating in Ireland and a UIM National Authority for powerboat racing.


This Sport is about enjoying  powerboats in a safe and responsible manner and ensuring we pass on our passion to the next generation.