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There are many Circuit Racing Classes being Raced Worldwide.

The classes shown are currently being promoted by the Powerboat Clubs affiliated to the Class association.

Other classes can be added if required.

GT15 Monohull

Class GT15

Speed 60 Km/Ph +

  • Engine HP: 15
  • Engine CC: 350
  • Hulls: L7, FSG, Winrace, CMS, Povvat
  • Engine Manufacture: Tohatsu, Mercury, Suzuki


GT30 Monohull

Class GT30 Speed 80 Km/Ph +

  • Engine HP: 30
  • Engine CC: 450-500 cc
  • Hulls: L7, FSG, Winrace, CMS,
  • Engine Manufacture: Tohatsu, Mercury, Evinrude


T850 Monohull

Class T850

Speed 100 Km/Ph +

  • Engine HP: 70
  • Engine CC: 850
  • Hulls: Ernecraft, FSG, Bristol,
  • Engine Manufacture: Yamaha (Mercury GT60)


Formula 4 Action

Formula 4

 Formula 4S

Class F4/F4s

Speed 120 Km/Ph +

  • Engine HP: 70/60
  • Engine CC: 850
  • Hulls: Molgaard, Burgess, Hall, Gardin, Baba
  • Engine Manufacture: Yamaha/Mercury


Rib/Leisure Craft

This Class is all about having “FUN”

Cruising in company,

Treasure Hunts,

Rallies and Poker Runs

are just some of the FUN activities



This class is about

Preserving our tradition,

Getting people to enjoy Older Craft,

Passing on our History