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Interested in Helping Out?

Maybe you do not want to race but would be willing to give up some of your time to help?

We are always looking for keen and enthusiastic people to get involved and help out in one of the many varied roles that are needed to run a powerboat event,

Rescue Boat operations,

First Aiders and para medics

Qualified Divers and rescue Divers

Launch Vehicle drivers,

Marshalls – Jetty, Flag, General

Race Officials – OOD, Safety, Race Secretary, Timekeepers, Lap Counters, Scrutineer etc.

If unsure of what you would like to do, ask a member for help and they will see that you get the best advice. We are all one big team and each role is as important as the next. Officials Training takes place during the year and we would love to see you there. If interested please contact one of the listed clubs or send an email to contact@powerboatracing.ie